sf convias s.a.s

SF Convías S.A.S was founded through a private document on the 26th of November of 2010 and registered in Barranquilla’s Chamber of Commerce on the 22nd of December of 2010 within the folio No. 165.098 - IX Book. Our mission is to achieve an urban-regional strategic road connection with the integration of the logistics support chain from the District of Barranquilla’s Free-Trade Zone and the Atlántico Department. We are also interested in developing projects that can contribute to the competitiveness and economic growth of the region and the country, while still maintaining social responsibility and a proactive attitude toward sustainability.

The company’s main objective is the execution of the Concession Contract VF-12-2010-02, which was signed between the Concessionaire and the Special, Industrial, and Port District of Barranquilla. The contract’s main objective is to oversee the design, construction, administration, operation, and maintenance of the Barranquilla’s District Cargo and Port Access Corridor and the Basic Sanitation Program of the Ahuyama Canal, between the Alberto Pumarejo Bridge and Carrera 38 (Avenida Los Estudiantes).
We have a highly qualified team whose focus is to satisfy and supply all the needs that our customers, providers, investors, and community may have.


Step 1

Consign by check, transfer or cash the value corresponding to the tickets that you want to purchase to the Current account Nro. 800-59265-1 Banco de Occidente, in the name of fideicomiso 4-2-1588 SF CONVIAS S.A.S NIT 830.054.076-2 in which the value of the prepaid tickets they wish to acquire must be entered. To the value must be added for the first time the cost of $32.000 corresponding to a stamp for your ticket office, which is paid only the first time. Note:Send a copy of your RUT and chamber of commerce to the email asistente.administrativo@convias.co, for the creation of the stamp used to mark the tickets.

You can make your payments through our PSE button:

Step 2

Once the transaction is completed, send the consignment or scanned transfer to the following emails:
administrative.assistant@convias. co

Step 3

Wait for confirmation from the trustee of the reflection of the consignment. To make confirmation faster, we recommend consigning in cash or making a transfer from the same bank (it depends on the urgency with which you need the tickets), since if it is by check we must necessarily wait for it to be exchanged and if it is a transfer of a bank other than the guarantee group, you must also wait for the transfer to be reflected, according to the ACH cutoff.

Step 4

Once your consignment is effective, your tickets will be marked. The maximum delivery time is 2 business days.

Attention lines: 3850323 - 3858650 - 3502257985